Teachers assigned


Repair and maintenance(school furniture & fixture)

Finding the areas of maintenance and maintaining register for complaints ,suggestion ,complaining in writing other areas of repairs and maintenance including toilets, water pointer, water supply ,roof top (cement, sand including electrical items)replacement of fan, switches, tubelights ,labour charges of those repairing).

1.Mrs.Mallilka Deb(Incharge)

2.Mrs.Nisha Kumari(PGT Commerce)

3.Mr.Abhishek Gangwar(PGT Maths)


VVN Miscellaneous Asset and consumables(aqua guard)

Stock entry, verification of bills of new items purchased and accessories like aqua guard and its cartridge.

1.Mrs.Bahni Laskar(Incharge)

2.Mr.Joydeep Das(PGT Phy)

3.Mr.Abhishek Dubey(TGT Maths)


Conservancy and medical sanitation

Verification of bills and stock entry, submitting requisition form for toilet cleanliness, bleaching, brooms, wiper, sanitary napkin, wheel chair, stretches,etc.

1.Mrs. Kripa Mitra

2.Mrs. Ananya Moulik



Security and Conservancy Outsourcing services(Night guard, gardener and sweeper )

Verifying bill and document submitted by outsourcing contractors, issuing instructions to them regarding their duties, regularly visiting guard room and observing activities going on there.

1.Mr.Joydeep Das

2.Mrs.Ananya Moulik

3.Mrs.Nisha Kumari

4.Mr.Abhishek Dubey


Canteen Committee

To check the quality of food items, item to be sold, rate list published, to decide what will be served every day, visiting canteen invariably in canteen, keeping a watch on staff worked in canteen.

1.Mrs. Ananya Moulik

2.Mrs.Mallika Deb

3.Mr. Rajiv Kumar Sharma

4.Mr.Sandeep Kumar Yadav

5.Mr. Aamir Khan


Electrical Repairs Committee furniture(only recording of new furniture)

Regular checking of furniture in all classes, arranging and shifting of furniture from surplus class to shortage class

1.Mr. P.P Roy

2.Mr.Rajiv Kumar Sharma

3.Mr.Manoj Kumar

4.Ms. Anjali


Admission Committee

 Duties to be performed only after school hours i.e. final bill in the month of May and afterwards. Verify all the details as per admission guidelines ensure submission of all the documents entry in to admission scholar register and then handing over form to S.S.A for keeping it in Guard file, checking entry into class attendance register, K.V Shala darpan.

1.Mrs.Mallika Deb(Incharge)

2.Mrs.Nisha Kumari

3.Mr.Abhishek Gangwar

4.Mr.Roop Ram Meena


Discipline Committee

1.      Monitoring safety and security of students before the starting of school timing during school time, after the final bell.

2.      Keeping a record of complaint received and steps taken to rectify the problems.

3.      Opening of complaint box every day and keeping a record of the same, step taken.

4.      Assigning duties during lunch break, before the school hours starting of assembly, assigning duties for escorting students after final bell in sequence.

5.      Students will go class wise  outside starting from class one so, every teacher should mind it, timely relieving student from class, taking a round during lunch break ,before school, after school hours.

6.      Maintaining  and having a watch on movement of Parents/Outsiders inside  Vidyalaya Premises

1.Mr.Joydeep  Das

2.Mrs. Ananya Moulik

3.Mr.Abhishek Gangwar

4.Mrs.Nisha Kumari

5.Mr.Sandeep Kumar Yadav

6.Mr. Aamir Khan

7.Ms. Anjali


Committee for implementation of National Disaster Management Activities

To ensure safety of children, building safety, wall safety, drinking water etc. Conduct meeting every week to assess situation and submit report.

1.Mrs.Ananya Moulik

2.Mrs.Nisha Kumari

3.Mr.Joydeep Das

4.Mr.Abhishek Gangwar

5.Mr. Abhishek Dubey


Examination Committee

1.      To prepare guidelines for paper setting for tests and examination in different subjects areas  and decide about the weightage to be given to different instructional objectives, types and kinds of questions to be set and marking procedure  to be adopted.

2.      To moderate test papers/items set by the examiners and to check sample scripts to ensure uniformity.

3.      To preserve the records of session ending examination for one year including answer scripts.



ATL Tinkering Lab Committee

1.      To establish and made their labs functional.

2.      Take step to leverage the Tinkering labs to develop a problem solving innovative mindset.

3.      To get allotted specific time slots for ATLs in their weekly time table.

4.      Taking steps for getting registration of forms for supply of lab equipment’s

5.      There is a strict instruction to procure the material from government e-market place. For this log-in gem from Mallika madam Id and searching the relevant product.

1.Mr.Joydeep Das

2.Mr.Abhishek Gangwar

3.Mr.Abhishek Dubey


Cleanliness Committee

1.      Ensure cleanliness of Vidyalaya surrounding,inside and outside,class room,toilets,dustbin,canteen(inside and outside)

1.Mr. Manoj Kumar

2.Ms. Anjali

3.Mr.Kaibartta Naik

4.Mr.Rohit Kumar

5.Mr.Sanjoy Das


7.Ms. Sushmita Sharma


Time Table Committee

1.      Preparation of timetable and uploading on K.V Shala Darpan.

2.      Daily Arrangement.

3.      Make suitable modification when new teacher join or someone leave the Vidyalaya.


1.Mr.Abhishek Dubey 

2.Mr.anil Kumar pal

3.Mr.Rajiv Kumar Sharma

4.Mr.Nisha Kumari

5.Mr.Kaibartta Naik




NCC Committee

1.      Looking after activities of NCC

2.      Enrichment of  students

3.      Practice of students

1.  Mr. Bikash Kumar Nath(Incharge )

2. Mr.Sandeep Kumar Yadav(co-incharge)

2.  Mr.Anil Kumar Pal