Principal Message



Dear Children & Parents,

You must be prideful in being the part of KVS family which strives higher and wider for the scholastic and co-scholastic growth of the students in the time of the paradigm shift to enable them to brave the challenges of the 21st century which requires highly skilled citizens equipped with not only Intelligence Quotient but also Emotional Quotient.

Dear children, I have been entrusted by the KVS with the onus of taking care of you in accordance with the evident objectives for which I will strive and bring you to the desired levels with the co-operation of your parents and other stakeholders. Here I have some tips for you that are mixed with the words of some great men which may be meaningfully useful in conducting yourself even in the roughest and the most unfavorable time to tread the path of life.

1. When you are not in position to direct the wind, adjust your sail and reap the best out of the opportunities which fall in your way.

2. Wisdom comes more from understanding than from knowledge so experience and feel the things rather than receive them passively.

3. Be sensitive to your environment, resources and the people who need you the most. Do the best that you can because you may pass through this life once. May be you don’t pass this way again !

4. The filthy and the dirty ambience which sometimes seem to command the sail, offers you enough opportunities to think, be sensitive and choose the path which is righteous, full of serenity and have umpteen chances even for the deprived and the have-nots.

5. Venture and take risks to create your future. See, the turtle makes its progress only when it sticks its neck out from the cover which safely protects it.

6. Dear children, strive and achieve what you want, the only path is the path of hard work and perseverance. Leave your comforts, buckle your shoes and brave the risks and challenges unafraid of blocking boulders of life. Remember:



Sh. Mukesh Kumar Verma