Visiting Places



Malegarh Cremetorium of Sepoy Mutini Soldiers 7k.m.:

At the time of Sepoy muting in the year 1957 more than 50 sepoys sacrificed their lives. they were cremated in the place namely Malegarh which is in Karimganj District now. earlier( separation of India Pakistan) is place was in syllet district of present Bangladesh.


Akbarpur- Agriculture Research Centre 3 k.m.

Improved quality of grains are produced here. this research centre is under central govt and training on Agriculture is conducted here in this centre.


Suterkandi-Indo-Bangladesh Border(International Trade
center) 5km

Suterkandi is famous for Indo-Banglash order and International trede centre.the following materials are exported to Bangladesh (1) Coal (2)Fruits (3) Silicon etc.


Badarpurghat-Historical fort-25km.

There is a historical fort at Badarpur ghat which is located at Badarpur ghat 25k.m. away from Karimganj on the bank of river barak . it was built by British before Indepedence.


Panchgram-Cacher Paper mill-35Km.

Panchgram Cachar Mill is located at Hailakandi District 30k.m. away from Karimganj where large number of papers are produced . Panchgram paper mill (under CPC panchgram) is the largest paper producer of Asia.




Eolabari(KXJ)-Tea Estate- 4.5km.

Its located at Karimganj Facuwa Road 15 k.m. from the city . Its a Visiting place famous for Sceuic beauty.


Khashpur-Palace of Kachari Rajas-85km.

Khashpur is also a Visiting place is the ancient palace of kachari Raja's and a tea estate too located about 85kilometres from the main town Karimganj.


Inathpur-Iskon mandir-6km.

Inthapur iskon mandir holy, constructed by international society of krishna concern. a longest temple 5 k.m. from the karimganj city.


Kumbha-Tea Estate-78km.